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Law Ting Pong Secondary School: Thank you very much, my dear host sister!

Dear Anna and her family,       I’m very glad that I have you all being my host family during my stay in Scotland. Thank you so much for taking care of me, giving me a place to live in and giving me food to eat, not to mention, the food was delicious.       You guys have a big family and I am lucky to meet every one of you, you all are so kind and friendly to me and I couldn’t thank you more! If we have any questions, you will always answer us and explain to us, you even helped us with school and introduced us to your friends. I’m also so grateful that you brought me to different famous attractions in Edinburgh like the Camera Obscura, the National Library and more. Thanks to you, I’ve learned so much more about Scotland, like what’s famous about Scotland and the history behind the historic buildings, you would explain to us in details which was easy to understand.           Sometimes we would be late for school but you still didn’t get mad and also I’m very sorry, you’re wil

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